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Constant transformation is in our nature.


By exploring the transformative nature of pain and suffering one can come to a place of healing and empowerment. My goal is to return clients back to a natural state of well being utilizing a broadly shamanic and psychic toolbox. Rediscovering true self and purpose gives one the ability to meet life from a state of human fullness. Shamanism has very powerful means to prepare for and encourage transformation. The most simple way to begin to understand the shamanic practice is to recognize that it is simply about the wholeness of the human being. Having a "full self" is particularly important in shamanic health and well being, while loss of ones true essence is a primary cause of un-wellness and un-happiness.

If you are ready to transform the energetic patterns and thinking that keep you stuck, lets work together to make a change. I believe that every human is unique and special, and deserves the attention, care, and discretion that I give to all my clients. My focus is to serve as a guide to lead you to your inner truth and make a shift so you can open up to living life more fully.​